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How it works

1. Call for an Estimate

Make an appointment with Val's Custom Painting. We come to you for a free estimate. Let us know what your concerns are and needs for your project! 

Image by Helloquence

3. Prep-Work

Lets start off correctly by making sure all furniture, flooring and items are covered properly before painting! We make sure we cover everything from TOP TO BOTTOM! A clean and organized area is always needed before painting. We care about your belongings, we take the correct steps before painting. 


5. Finish

A job well done isn't done until its finalized by a good inspection. We will do a walk through around the home or surfaces that were to be painted! 


2. Color Consultation

Lets schedule a color consultation! Let us help you choose the correct color for your home! Let us know if you'd like to meet with a color consultant. 

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

4. The paint

Let us get going with your beautiful project by applying primer for coverage, paint coating finishing on the surfaces that will be worked on! It's always highly recommended to prime the surface so there can be coverage between coats and adhesion for finishing to grasp on, 


Schedule a free estimate appointment with us! let us help you with your project, making sure your more than satisfied with the custom quality work!


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